petition launched to save the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch

A petition has been  launched to save the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

So please share the link far and wide amongst friends and family and lets fight to keep our services local

The video can be seen here

A meeting will be held at Redditch Town Hall on July 2nd from 5pm till 8pm places must be pre-booked.

Details on how to book a place at the meeting can be found here


Join the Facebook group for updates!/pages/Save-the-Alexandra-hospital-Redditch/306299059460450

Also follow on twitter @alexhospital_

Also read the news blog

A letter  regarding the Alex to the local press
 I write regarding the proposal to down grade hospital services at the Alexandra hospital ,your readers will no doubt beware that Worcestershire acute hospitals NHS trust spends 9% of its annual budget servicing the 30 year PFI contract roughly 30 million per year this has and will continue to have profound financial implications for man…y years to come . Worcestershire royal hospital is not owned by the health trust but is leased, when the contract ends the health trust will have to decide whether to renew The contract or simply walk away be in no doubt the proposal to downgrade the Alex is as A direct result of this financial millstone around the neck of the trust. We will be reading many letters in your paper in the coming months some of which will be party political so its only right that the facts do not get in the way . it was the then labour government who signed up to the PFI contract for Worcestershire royal supported by our then MP Jacqui smith for Redditch and the then MP for wyre Forrest David Locke ,despite warnings from health professionals who were ignored The total cost of Worcester royal will be in excess of 800 million at the end of the lease how many people would take out a mortgage pay over 10 times it’s value and never own the house ?but that is what the then labour government did and this is why we are now faced with the prospect of losing services and this situation will only get worse in future years . It is vital that Redditch people get behind this campaign and lobby your local councillor’s and our mp Karen Lumley and leave them in no doubt that we are united in saving services at the Alex

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